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Welcome to the site of the largest in the north-western region Seller metal doors and radiators Lucky STAR

Lucky STAR

We present a Chinese metal doors and radiators, which are of high quality, confirmed by the international certificate of ISO9001, modern look and affordable price.

Steel doors, and radiators are manufactured at the largest in Southeast Asia factories that specialize only in manufacturing steel doors and radiators respectively.

Individual approach to each customer allows us to find the most effective schemes of cooperation. With us you get a reliable business partner and can always count on the most favorable terms when dealing with us.

We sell a product that is produced in large Chinese factories specializing in the production of metal doors and radiators. Unlike many sellers, we are confident that we represent doors and radiators, it is not the product of home-piece production, and the result is a modern automated production process. This fact is a determining factor in the quality of our doors and radiators.

We take into account the wishes of customers, and we can adjust the orders for the full and prompt to meet the demand on the lineup, technological and design features, while remaining at a fixed price range.

By focusing on the quality of supplied doors, we are always ready to meet the demand for fuel-efficient models by reducing the depth of the box, the width of the door trims and the thickness of the steel sheet, however, such orders are negotiated separately.

It is worth noting that the long-term relationship of trust Lucky STAR suppliers are the basis for the possibility of a stable and regular supply and guaranteed inventory.

Our clients are construction, trade and repair businesses in more than 50 regions of Russia, some of our clients work with us on the terms of dealer agreements in the areas of operations.

Lucky STAR brand has become well known and well-deserved popularity in the market entrance doors and radiators and a guarantee of the metal doors with their competitive price.

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